How to submit a Job or service


1. How to Video 3.50 min – How to Write a Job Posting

2. How to video 4.46 min  – How to Write a Job Posting 2e

3. Here’s the video tutorial giving you the ultimate guide
to post a mjob  – 1.03 min

4. How to Video 3.44 min  MicrojobEngine Main Workflow


When you logged into your account, click in the upper right corner on your image,  the “Dashboard Menu” shows, select
“Dashboard” scroll down until you see
“Post a mjob” click on the “+”. On the Page of


you can insert

Job name
Price (USD)
Time of delivery (Day)
Up to 5 pictures whose each minimum size is 768 x 435px


Add link from Youtube,Vimeo, or .MP4

Extra services
Add extra “+”

When you ready scroll  down and click on “SAVE”

Then go back to the Dashboard and select “My Recruitments”
Click on “Recruit Now”


Recruitment name
Your budget (USD)
Time of delivery (Day)

Enter some tags, and click on “SAVE”

Administrator will check and Approve or Decline , after approval it will show on the

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