Create, (write all texts) an e-book for you in the form of a PDF with five chapters (With this offer, I will write up to 2000 words, that is approximately 5-8 pages) from the Bitcoin crypto industry, including images . The text is delivered with a PLR license and allows you to publish the e-book as an author. The source documents in Word Document are also included. E-BOOK COVER, revision inclusiev.
Chapter 1. Everything you need to know about Bitcoin and how it works (447 words)
Chapter 2. 4 useful tips for successful cryptocurrency trading (442 words)
Chapter 3. Have you ever wondered what Bitcoin cryptocurrency is? (426 words) Chapter 4. What you can buy with Bitcoin and how to sell with Bitcoin (433 words)
Chapter 5. Why are governments so concerned about cryptocurrencies? (422 words)